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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Saturday, my family and I came back from a fabulous, beautiful, and relaxing vacation. Right now, I'm having a little case of vacation withdrawal syndrome. (haha- thats what I call not wanting to be home)

We rented bikes, and went on their lovely bike trails to the beach. There is Spanish moss everywhere! It is beautiful. There are also canals everywhere and we saw alligators. Lots of them.

This particular place is known for their golf courses. None of my family golfs, but they are just amazing! And so well manicured and taken care of.

Our second night we were there, my mom made a fabulous salmon dish! It was so colorful L just had to take a picture of it! She had just gotten a new camera, and it takes great pictures!

Unfortunately, there were lots of jelly fish in the water, and L got stung. So, we didn't get in the water a whole lot.

We were very close to a harbor that had lots of cute shops and restaurants. We would go out on the pier at night and it was just awesome.

It was also neat to see all the yachts. Some of those things are huge!

We also went to the pool that was right by us, and went for "midnight swims." More like 9:00 swims! haha!

Anyway, it was absolutely wonderful.

School starts in 6 days, and I would rather be at the beach. :( haha but hopefully it will be good!

Hope you enjoyed my *rare* picture post! :)

^ Mr. Gator