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Friday, February 27, 2009

a giveaway

Well, I had a half-day of school yesterday, and today off so that's nice. We had these days off last week too! I always appreciate a day or two off!:) I don't have much to say, so i'll just post about a giveaway...

Pink Potpourri is hosting a really cute purse giveaway! Check it out~!


very cute!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

spring clothes!

I am sooo looking forward to spring! O and spring clothes... here are some of my favorite spring choices! Tell me which style you like best...

Style #1.

I love pink and navy together! So cute! You could add khaki pants for a very cute and casual look...

Style #2.

Like i could ever afford this Lilly Pulitzer dress, but it is soo darling!

Style # 3.

looks familiar? i loved this fabric so much that I made it as my profile picture. I love the color blend... very nice, eh?

Style #4.

YESSS!! something i could afford. It's from Target. This is very simple, but so adorable! IT just screams "SPRING!" I love this bright green. Its like my new favorite color!! :)
So, these are some items that i really love, and some of my favorite styles. Please comment and tell me which one is your favorite! I'm very eager to know. Thanks! Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Please pray for some people from our church. Their 7 yr old daughter died 2 weeks ago, totally unexpectedly. I'm sure these last weeks have been a painful blur for the family. I'm sure my sisters have already mentioned it, but i just want to remind you that this family still really needs a lot of prayer.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ski trip update + shopping spree

What a great trip! We woke up at around 5:25 AM on Friday morning, and left at 6. We got there about 8:30. The ski lodge was CROWDED with people. I definitely think the most hectic part of going skiing is getting your skis, boots, and all that stuff together and actually ON. But, after the "hard" part, we got to finally go outside and ski. It was a beautiful clear day- not a cloud in the sky. But at first, it was very, very cold. The wind was blowing, and the snow machine was still blowing snow, but it warmed up a bit as the day went on. We started off doing some easy trails, and then went on to the intermediate. It was a blast!!! I think the funnest one was an intermediate trail called "Big Red." It was near the top of the mountain, but it wasn't as scary as it looked. I almost freaked out going up the ski lift with my dad. (BTW, my sisters were inside drinking hot coco and warming up. humph! :)

The path was very wide-- not narrow a bit, so it gave me a little confidence. At the beginning, there was a pretty steep descent. That was the hardest part, but the rest was fine pretty much. It was awesome, being on the top of a mountain, gliding down. I felt pretty stupid though- i didn't fall at all on the trail, but at the very end at the bottom, i fell. ha ha- silly me. that always happens!:0) But I'm very glad i did it.

I would never do a black diamond though-- Ono. No. Not for me. Last year, I missed the stop on the ski lift, so i went all the way up to the very TIP top. I freaked out. Literally. They were all black diamonds, except for one double intermediate. I am not quite a double intermediate, so i was very... let's just say unsure. Fortunately, some random lady came up and helped me down the mountain. The trail was very steep and narrow. My sweet dad had climbed all the way up a black diamond to help me, so I met him halfway down. I felt so bad though, because he had to WALK all the way up a advanced trail just to meet me. how sweet! if he hadn't i would've probably flown down the mountain. Did i mention I didn't know how to stop very well? that's another story. But anyway, that proves that i am NOT into doing black diamonds, if i freaked out on a double intermediate.

The rest of the trip was great- after skiing till 4:30, we checked into a lodge at about 5:00. It's not the nicest place ever, but it was a cute mountain-y lodge, and it was good.

We went out to eat pizza, and then went right to bed. We were very tired.

This morning, we go up and swam in the heated indoor pool, sat in the sauna, and then showered and checked out. Then we hit the stores-- we went on a huge shopping trip. we went to Tanger outlets-- a fairly large shopping center with all these stores i ♥, that are a lot better prices. We went to banana republic, coach, gap, and polo Ralph Lauren. It wasn't till we went to polo Ralph Lauren that i got some great deals. My sister Lauren found me this adorable pink pleated polo dress that was normally between $39-49 dollars. Here's a picture.

I got this dress for $9.43 WAHOO!! (Except mine is in a brighter pink) THANKS LAUREN!!! i really love it... I also found just a teal shirt from there for $10, with a yellow logo. I was very pleased. I was surprised on how much it was marked down. I love polo ralph lauren. It's so cute, and it has so many different colors in everything. It's not just the boring pastels and primary colors. It's awesome bright colors that pop!
This was my favorite store we went in...

Well we had a fabulous trip, and are having a great weekend. I hope you are too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yay! I'm going skiing tomorrow. I am very excited. We're going to Sugar Mountain, in Boone. This will be my 4th time! Skiing is awesome... I've been to Appalachian, but sugar mountain has a lot better courses. I have been bustling around trying to find some warm clothes. let's see--- right now, i am wearing 4 shirts, a hoodie, a snow bib, 3 pairs of pants, a coat, a hat, and 3 pairs of socks. I feel like a marshmallow. The other 3 times we've been skiing, I've worn all these layers, and it ended up being 50 degrees. Instead of putting on more layers, I had to shed them, and I got extremely sunburned. Haha... But it's supposed to be really cold up there, so I'll try to be overly prepared.

Please pray that we'd be safe!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday's and what not

Today was a good day. It seemed to last forever, though. In science, we had a lab. It was very interesting, actually. We had a sample of coffee, and we were separating the caffeine from the coffee with hexane. (a chemical solvent- that's okay, i didn't know what it was either.) ha ha- we all had the funny lab coats and the geeky goggles on. It was really funny seeing my show-offy class mates in lab coats and goggles. I should have taken a picture, although camera's aren't allowed and I don't have a handy camera. Darn it! But, Mrs. Crater (our homeroom teacher) saved the day and took a picture. wow. It was of my table. Every one was staring blankly at the camera in their big goggles, with their mouth wide open, and gloved hands up in the air. Just kidding, it wasn't that dramatic, but it was pretty funny. It always amuses me seeing people getting their pictures taken without them knowing it. Although, I am not the most photogenic person ever. I probably looked pretty stupid too, with my glasses underneath my goggles. Double trouble! "Don't mess with me, I'll shove some chemicals in your face." mad scientist. wow.. did i just go out on a bunny trail? :D excuse me, if i did.

Science is probably my favorite class. (Also my hardest class) We are doing physical science, structure of atoms and molecules, organic compounds and all that fun stuff. I like it. It's pretty cool. Lately, we have been working on our science fair projects. They're kinda boring, but interesting enough for school. But, science is hard. Hey, we got a science teacher fresh out of college. Like literally. So it's pretty tough sometimes. But he's really good. Well, anyways I've been on the topic of science for a long time, so I'll ramble about something different. :)

So, As I said before, Wednesday's are very long. Since I go to my church's school, I stay at church all day after school. I do a communicant's bible study with Dee Dee. Communicants is a bible study designed for middleschoolers becoming a member of the church, that meets every Sunday night. It's interesting, and it's not just a fill in the blank bible study. You have to think about it. I've really enjoyed it.

After i do communicants with Dee Dee, i either wander around for the next hour or two, or help in the kitchen preparing for Wednesday night dinner. Today, I helped in the kitchen. Our cook is SO good. We always have something homemade, gourmet and delicious. Tonight we had chicken, rice, salad and ice cream with her awesome homemade fudge sauce. I chopped up the pepper for the salad.:) After dinner, I got to our youth choir with my sisters. Our choir teacher is really amazing. He has so much musical talent. He is awesome on the piano. We are singing "Our God is an Awesome God." We are singing at church in 2 weeks. It's always fun performing.:)

Then after that, we go to youth group, and after that we go home and be tired. It has been a long day. But hooray! school is out tomorrow and on Friday too. I don't know why, but don't question. Just enjoy, right?!! Have a good rest of your Wednesday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

funny videos...

Little girl singing a soul song. How cute can it get???!!

Roscoe's chicken and waffles. I so wanna go!:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day, and the day before.:)

Well, last night was very fun. All the middle school girls at church were invited to Dee Dee's house, our youth group leader. It was a blast!! It was make-your-own pizza night. So fun!:) everyone brought a pizza topping. I brought spinach and feta cheese. Yes, I am into that kind of stuff!!:-) (although i am defintely not a vegetarian!) The pizza was delicious! And, it was homemade with delicious crust! Any takers? Yummm... So, Dee Dee was expecting a small crowd, but about 20 middle school girls showed up. I think she was slightly surprised. :) We played lots of games, like wink and murder. (if you were wondering, no it was not gruesome!)

I love Dee Dee. She is soo much fun! After we hung out and ate as much as possible, my parents picked me up and took me to my friend Chases' house for a sleep-over. It was soo sweet, when I came in, Chase and my other friend Hannah, had put up a banner that said "happy birthday abby!" and made my own little table of presents and cards. I was soo surprised, and happy!! how sweet is that!?? soo thoughtful...

well today, after leaving Chase's house, Me, my sisters and mom, went over to a awesome lady from our church's house for a dress-up formal valentine's party! it was soo much fun! There were about 5 fun ladies there. Mrs. Schmidt ( the hostess) has a cute 2 year old daughter name Annie Catherine. We got to the party early, so we dressed little annie catherine up in a little fancy dress. I will probably post pictures of her tomorrow. She is absoulutely adorable!

The food was awesome! We had spinach quiche, a jello dish, chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes, orange juice, pumpkin muffins, and chocolate. It was really good, but i was already stuffed from eating 2 pancakes at Chase's. hehe... Dee Dee was also there. She taught us how to swing dance. I soo totally want to go. We had an absoulute blast. We got back about an hour ago, and to top off the wonderful valentine's day, my dad had left me some chocolate gingerbread truffles on the table, since I had been gone all day. how sweeettt!! Please tell me about your weekend. what did you do for Valentine's day??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

first post!! (yay!!!)

Well hi!! I'm abby. This is my first post ever, so I'm pretty excited. First, I wanted to tell you a little bit about me. I attend at private christian school, and have 2 wonderful older sisters- Lauren and caroline, (check their blogs out on my profile!) and amazing parents!!I couldn't ask for a better family. ♥ love u, family!

Anyways, today was my birthday. It started out pretty boring, ya know, the normal school routine, but it got better. Yessss sirreee, it got better. :) wow. Well, at lunch, my best friend miriam over at http://mimielise.blogspot.com/ took me out to lunch at panera. We had an awesome time. I got some of their famous brocoli cheese soup. yummmm... and we had such a good time just talking, and enjoying a little break from school. I have known miriam for 11 years, so she made me a picture album of me and her that goes way back. It was very sweet, thanks again Miriam!! that was a blast. After school, I went home, had my violin lesson, (i'm learning notes-- i play by ear!) and then both my sweet grandmas and my elderly neighbor came over. It was really fun! we had a yummy dinner of chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and foolish pie. (this meringue stuff that you put strawberries and whiped cream on- obviously, the name we made up b/c it's so delicious, you just keep on wanting more!! it's been in our family for years.) I got some adorable fish earrings and some nice soap and bracelets from my mom and dad, some cute stationary and dove chocolate from my grandma, some money and more chocolate from my other grandma, and some more money from my neighbor. (money is always handy!! hehe) Also, I got some earrings and a cute homemade wire earring rack made by caroline. I am blessed!! So, I had a good birthday. Well, I better go study for this math test tomorrow. wahooo onward to algebra!