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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

spring clothes!

I am sooo looking forward to spring! O and spring clothes... here are some of my favorite spring choices! Tell me which style you like best...

Style #1.

I love pink and navy together! So cute! You could add khaki pants for a very cute and casual look...

Style #2.

Like i could ever afford this Lilly Pulitzer dress, but it is soo darling!

Style # 3.

looks familiar? i loved this fabric so much that I made it as my profile picture. I love the color blend... very nice, eh?

Style #4.

YESSS!! something i could afford. It's from Target. This is very simple, but so adorable! IT just screams "SPRING!" I love this bright green. Its like my new favorite color!! :)
So, these are some items that i really love, and some of my favorite styles. Please comment and tell me which one is your favorite! I'm very eager to know. Thanks! Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

stly numero 4!!! or 5!
cute! :D

Anonymous said...

oops, that was supposed to be *stlye*, not stly..

caroline said...


Horsefreak4 said...

like style 2 and 3!!!!!!!!!