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Saturday, February 21, 2009

ski trip update + shopping spree

What a great trip! We woke up at around 5:25 AM on Friday morning, and left at 6. We got there about 8:30. The ski lodge was CROWDED with people. I definitely think the most hectic part of going skiing is getting your skis, boots, and all that stuff together and actually ON. But, after the "hard" part, we got to finally go outside and ski. It was a beautiful clear day- not a cloud in the sky. But at first, it was very, very cold. The wind was blowing, and the snow machine was still blowing snow, but it warmed up a bit as the day went on. We started off doing some easy trails, and then went on to the intermediate. It was a blast!!! I think the funnest one was an intermediate trail called "Big Red." It was near the top of the mountain, but it wasn't as scary as it looked. I almost freaked out going up the ski lift with my dad. (BTW, my sisters were inside drinking hot coco and warming up. humph! :)

The path was very wide-- not narrow a bit, so it gave me a little confidence. At the beginning, there was a pretty steep descent. That was the hardest part, but the rest was fine pretty much. It was awesome, being on the top of a mountain, gliding down. I felt pretty stupid though- i didn't fall at all on the trail, but at the very end at the bottom, i fell. ha ha- silly me. that always happens!:0) But I'm very glad i did it.

I would never do a black diamond though-- Ono. No. Not for me. Last year, I missed the stop on the ski lift, so i went all the way up to the very TIP top. I freaked out. Literally. They were all black diamonds, except for one double intermediate. I am not quite a double intermediate, so i was very... let's just say unsure. Fortunately, some random lady came up and helped me down the mountain. The trail was very steep and narrow. My sweet dad had climbed all the way up a black diamond to help me, so I met him halfway down. I felt so bad though, because he had to WALK all the way up a advanced trail just to meet me. how sweet! if he hadn't i would've probably flown down the mountain. Did i mention I didn't know how to stop very well? that's another story. But anyway, that proves that i am NOT into doing black diamonds, if i freaked out on a double intermediate.

The rest of the trip was great- after skiing till 4:30, we checked into a lodge at about 5:00. It's not the nicest place ever, but it was a cute mountain-y lodge, and it was good.

We went out to eat pizza, and then went right to bed. We were very tired.

This morning, we go up and swam in the heated indoor pool, sat in the sauna, and then showered and checked out. Then we hit the stores-- we went on a huge shopping trip. we went to Tanger outlets-- a fairly large shopping center with all these stores i ♥, that are a lot better prices. We went to banana republic, coach, gap, and polo Ralph Lauren. It wasn't till we went to polo Ralph Lauren that i got some great deals. My sister Lauren found me this adorable pink pleated polo dress that was normally between $39-49 dollars. Here's a picture.

I got this dress for $9.43 WAHOO!! (Except mine is in a brighter pink) THANKS LAUREN!!! i really love it... I also found just a teal shirt from there for $10, with a yellow logo. I was very pleased. I was surprised on how much it was marked down. I love polo ralph lauren. It's so cute, and it has so many different colors in everything. It's not just the boring pastels and primary colors. It's awesome bright colors that pop!
This was my favorite store we went in...

Well we had a fabulous trip, and are having a great weekend. I hope you are too!


Lauren said...

I would have totally bought that dress except it would have been wayyyyy to short! But I'm glad you could buy it for such a great dealeo!

Caroline said...

I love your dress! LUCKY!!

Mimi Elise said...

cool!!!!! man i have to go there sometime - that dress is cute!!

im glad u had fun skiing!!!!!!!!!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

It sounds like you all found some great deals. I have been to those outlets. Were they in Blowing Rock?

If you didn't go, you should go to the Village of Blowing Rock sometime. It is very nice and for sure a photo opportunity.

abby said...

Yes, they were in blowing rock. It was a blast!