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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Blog world! My blogging has been rather sporadic...

This week I am an only child. So weird... My 2 sisters are on a missions trip (out of the country). I miss them a ton! I've just been hanging out with some friends and taking care of Caroline's lovely bunny Ginger. She is absolutely precious. We haven't been doing a whole lot, since my mom had a sinus, double ear infection and larangitis all at one time! Fortunately, she's doing better now.

It is so, so hot today! 96 degrees! I haven't really been outside... Mom and I have been inside cooking and baking! :)
I made chocolate chip banana nut bread, and made some homemade croutans for a salad tonight. I'm going to make some lemon icebox pie! Very appropriate for this weather! :)

I haven't been running lately, which I know I need to! I just can't run when it's hot. My dad is a runner, and he says you'll get used to it, but even just being outside wears me out! Does anyone else have this problem? I really need to excercize!

We were planning on going to a water park this week, but since Mom was sick, that didn't work out. :( Hopefully next week!

Well... that was a whole lot of randomness! :) Hope everyone's having a fabulous week!