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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Company she keeps is having a adorable giveaway! Check it out!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Sparklies! :)

I found this off of Caroline's blog.

Random Sparklies- things that make me happy

* sunshine after a rain
* pink lipgloss
* the beach
* summer nights outside while listening to crickets and not having to go to school the next morning.
* putting a sprinkler on the trampoline and jumping! :)
* listening to Mark Driscoll
* spending time with family
* Reading a verse in the Bible and then going to church and hearing the same passage!
* finding extra money I didn't know I had in a pocket or old purse
* Coldstone.
*not doing puzzles...
* going to see my grandma.
* finding good deals on things. (Yesterday, I got an adorable swimsuit- its tommy hilfiger and originally very expensive! But, I got a great deal on it!) :)
* Playing scattergories. That game ROCKS!
* Being with people I love.
* Nike Tempo shorts.
* My gold filigree earrings.
* Watching America's got talent.
* Playing my violin. (Though I don't always practice every day! Shhh! :)
* Realizing how blessed I am.
* Realizing that God loves me so much and has a plan for my life.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Summer is absolutely fantastic. The beautiful colors, the dresses, the sunshine... The long days of tanning and drinking lemonade. The beach, the mountains.... everything being green.
Those summer rains that happen when the sun is still shining... It's a fabulous time of year!