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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Sparklies! :)

I found this off of Caroline's blog.

Random Sparklies- things that make me happy

* sunshine after a rain
* pink lipgloss
* the beach
* summer nights outside while listening to crickets and not having to go to school the next morning.
* putting a sprinkler on the trampoline and jumping! :)
* listening to Mark Driscoll
* spending time with family
* Reading a verse in the Bible and then going to church and hearing the same passage!
* finding extra money I didn't know I had in a pocket or old purse
* Coldstone.
*not doing puzzles...
* going to see my grandma.
* finding good deals on things. (Yesterday, I got an adorable swimsuit- its tommy hilfiger and originally very expensive! But, I got a great deal on it!) :)
* Playing scattergories. That game ROCKS!
* Being with people I love.
* Nike Tempo shorts.
* My gold filigree earrings.
* Watching America's got talent.
* Playing my violin. (Though I don't always practice every day! Shhh! :)
* Realizing how blessed I am.
* Realizing that God loves me so much and has a plan for my life.

1 comment:

Sarah Wyland said...

This is such a great list! Full of the little things, hehe. And I think we all love finding extra money!