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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Saturday, my family and I came back from a fabulous, beautiful, and relaxing vacation. Right now, I'm having a little case of vacation withdrawal syndrome. (haha- thats what I call not wanting to be home)

We rented bikes, and went on their lovely bike trails to the beach. There is Spanish moss everywhere! It is beautiful. There are also canals everywhere and we saw alligators. Lots of them.

This particular place is known for their golf courses. None of my family golfs, but they are just amazing! And so well manicured and taken care of.

Our second night we were there, my mom made a fabulous salmon dish! It was so colorful L just had to take a picture of it! She had just gotten a new camera, and it takes great pictures!

Unfortunately, there were lots of jelly fish in the water, and L got stung. So, we didn't get in the water a whole lot.

We were very close to a harbor that had lots of cute shops and restaurants. We would go out on the pier at night and it was just awesome.

It was also neat to see all the yachts. Some of those things are huge!

We also went to the pool that was right by us, and went for "midnight swims." More like 9:00 swims! haha!

Anyway, it was absolutely wonderful.

School starts in 6 days, and I would rather be at the beach. :( haha but hopefully it will be good!

Hope you enjoyed my *rare* picture post! :)

^ Mr. Gator

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Company she keeps is having a adorable giveaway! Check it out!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Sparklies! :)

I found this off of Caroline's blog.

Random Sparklies- things that make me happy

* sunshine after a rain
* pink lipgloss
* the beach
* summer nights outside while listening to crickets and not having to go to school the next morning.
* putting a sprinkler on the trampoline and jumping! :)
* listening to Mark Driscoll
* spending time with family
* Reading a verse in the Bible and then going to church and hearing the same passage!
* finding extra money I didn't know I had in a pocket or old purse
* Coldstone.
*not doing puzzles...
* going to see my grandma.
* finding good deals on things. (Yesterday, I got an adorable swimsuit- its tommy hilfiger and originally very expensive! But, I got a great deal on it!) :)
* Playing scattergories. That game ROCKS!
* Being with people I love.
* Nike Tempo shorts.
* My gold filigree earrings.
* Watching America's got talent.
* Playing my violin. (Though I don't always practice every day! Shhh! :)
* Realizing how blessed I am.
* Realizing that God loves me so much and has a plan for my life.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Summer is absolutely fantastic. The beautiful colors, the dresses, the sunshine... The long days of tanning and drinking lemonade. The beach, the mountains.... everything being green.
Those summer rains that happen when the sun is still shining... It's a fabulous time of year!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Blog world! My blogging has been rather sporadic...

This week I am an only child. So weird... My 2 sisters are on a missions trip (out of the country). I miss them a ton! I've just been hanging out with some friends and taking care of Caroline's lovely bunny Ginger. She is absolutely precious. We haven't been doing a whole lot, since my mom had a sinus, double ear infection and larangitis all at one time! Fortunately, she's doing better now.

It is so, so hot today! 96 degrees! I haven't really been outside... Mom and I have been inside cooking and baking! :)
I made chocolate chip banana nut bread, and made some homemade croutans for a salad tonight. I'm going to make some lemon icebox pie! Very appropriate for this weather! :)

I haven't been running lately, which I know I need to! I just can't run when it's hot. My dad is a runner, and he says you'll get used to it, but even just being outside wears me out! Does anyone else have this problem? I really need to excercize!

We were planning on going to a water park this week, but since Mom was sick, that didn't work out. :( Hopefully next week!

Well... that was a whole lot of randomness! :) Hope everyone's having a fabulous week!


Monday, May 17, 2010

2 more Giveaways!

How I met your father is having a giveaway for lilly p McKim sandals! go check it out for another chance to win! :)

Sweet Southern Prep is also having a giveaway for these fabulous bags!
It's giveaway timee! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's the world I know is having a fabulous give-a-way of these adorable lilly pulitzer shorts! So head over to her blog for a chance to win! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

buckhead betties, JAARS, and everything in between! :)

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a Buckhead Betties warehouse sale!! Buckehead betties is a company that sells adorable tote bags, everything monogrammed, and more! I was in heaven there. I ended up buying a green and white beach bag, a black and white striped tote bag with a bright pink "A" on it, some adorable laundry bags for if I go out of town, and a towel wrap that is being monogrammed right now with an pink A. AND it was very cheap! nothing was more than $20!!! If stuff like that would've cost more, I wouldn't have gotten it. But it was so awesome! I wish i could find pictures. :)

Since I have glasses, I can't wear sunglasses. Unless I get prescription ones, which aren't always cute, (and expensive!) I either have to wear none, or wear a hat. I'm thinking about buying one of these-

I think they are very cute! I'm thinking about ordering a light pink with my brown initials or a pink with white. What do you think?

Anyways, Yesterday my sisters, mom and I, went to a place called JAARS. It's a Bible translation place, and their goal is to reach every tribe and translate the Bible into every language! Pretty cool, huh!? We got a tour of the place, and they flew an airplane that they use as a demonstration. We stayed pretty much all day, and a former missionary from Germany came with us! She goes to our Church.

I am out of school! Since I'm home schooled, I get sorta an advantage! :)I just have math and science to do, but I'll go through May with that. Also, we've been doing some end-of-year testing. FUN FUN... (Not so much!)

Last night, I watched the Blind Side. What a great movie! It was soo sweet! It's really remarkable that it is a true story! I thought Sandra Bullock did an amazing job! Well, all the actors and actresses did great!

Well, Im glad i finally posted! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Shopaholic in Alabama is having multiple giveaway's for Mother's day! Lilly Pulitzer is included! :)

Check them out for a chance to win!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunny saturday! :)

Yesterday was so fun! After doing some chores, my older sister Lauren took us shopping! We went all around. We all had giftcards to Stein Mart, so I got some burt's bee's chapstick and some fun lotion products. I also got a really cute dress from a consignment shop. I was thinking it would be $16 because that's what it said on the tag but when they rung it up, it was $8! :) Don't you love when something costs less than you think it does? :P

Then, we went to a smoothie shop and got delicious smoothies!! Later, we went to some of our friend's house and hung out with our youth group leader and watched the Harrison Ford Sabrina and ate sour patch kids and fritos! :)

i had a great weekend! I hope you did too! Enjoy your Sunday!


Monday, April 12, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Spring is my favorite time of the year. And Easter also happens to be my favorite holiday! Our oriental cherry blossom tree has bloomed in the last week. The grass has gotten to be such a beautiful green. Our yard is filled with pink and green- my favorite colors! Such a change from the cold, gray winter we had this year. Spring is a wonderful time of year... I love all the flowers, and the weather is wonderful! Except the pollen has been terrible where I live! The last couple of days the pollen has been the most it has ever been in a long time! Lately, my allergies have been really bad. Pollen is everywhere! Hopefully, most of it will wash away in the rain. Despite the pollen, I'm very excited about spring clothes shopping! I can't wait to find some cute dresses! Last week, (Easter sunday), I wore a dress. I hadn't worn a dress in a very long time. I love dresses! They are so cute and fun! What gets you excited about spring?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter! :)

♫ Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... ~ 1 Peter 1:3.*HAPPY EASTER!*

The Apostle's Creed

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord:
Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried;
He descended into hell.
The third day He arose again from the dead;
He ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy catholic church; the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter! Don't eat too much easter candy!:)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Last Song

Omigoodness- I went to see this movie today and it was soo good! Oh, and sad! I thought Miley Cyrus did a pretty good job, though she's still not the greatest actress in the world.

And I LOVED Will! He was soo sweet! o- and cute! ;)

I thought all the characters did a good job. I haven't read the book, but my sister has. For those of you who have seen the book, AND the movie, what did you think about the movie? Did you like it better/worse, and did they do a good job following the book?

Personally, I loved it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gosh, I haven't posted in forever! Well, I can't believe it's nearly April. That is crazy! And Spring is FINALLY here! :) Although today it was cold, dark and dreary. :/ Today was a sad day for our Country. anyways... I just need to remember that God is in control of everything, and that it's all happening for a reason. here's a couple of things that have happened lately since I don't know what else to post about!

-Lauren had a birthday and got her drivers license! It's not only fun for her, but it's fun for me 'cause she can take me places! :)

-I finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird yesterday. It is such a good book! This was actually my second time reading. I love it!

- I got a new violin! I am now a full size! =D

- I have jogged 2 miles WIHOUT stopping! yes, it is a big deal for me!:)

- FLOWERS have bloomed! YAY!:)

- My friend threw me a surpirse birthday party the weekend after my last post!:)

- I have worn shorts twice! I love the warm weather! :)

- I have said so many times during the month of February that I'm moving to Florida! Ha! :) It has been a cold winter!

- I had East Coast wings for the first time... yummy!

well anyways thats just a couple of things... I need to get my dear sleep now! haha!:) Good night!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's, Birthday, Olympics..

Happy Valentine's day! I hope that it was wonderful!

I have been blogging for 1 year! It was one year on Friday, my Birthday.

Maybe when I get to 100 posts (I'm almost there) I'll do a give-a-way!!

I had a great Birthday! The day before, my mom took me out to eat at a really yummy Japanese restaraunt

and then we went to the mall and shopped. I looked at the Lilly Pulitzer sections (and love ALL of it let me tell you) but many of you know that it is very expensive! Especially for a 14 year old

who will probably grow out of very soon. I was about to get the Peacock pants, but I wasn't

sure that I would be confident wearing them. It is an especially loud print... they were on sale though!

I ended up going to lands end and getting these 2 shirts, in pink and white.

I LOVE ruffles! And this is just too cute! Plus, it was a lot

more of a reasonable price! YAY!!

Lauren got me a Lilly Pulitzer journal, which I had been wanting (Thanks sis)
Caroline got me a monogrammed lunch box that will come in the mail soon. Thanks!!:0

My grandma got me some dove dark chocolates (the best!) and some earrings that her mother had when she was little.

She is really good at giving centimental gifts!

As you probably know, (you better know!) the Olympics started also on my B-day. (they did it just for me!!) ha~

I am not that much into regular sports, but there is just something about the Olympics that I absolutely love.

I love cheering for the U.S.A!!

My Favorite event has been the skiing and the ice-skating.

These people are AMAZING! I just don't understand how they can do all that they do!

Anyways, I hope you are having a fantabulous Tuesday! :0

ps. what do you think about my blog makeover?

Friday, February 5, 2010


AHH! snow again. It snowed last week. About 8 inches. And now it snowed again about 4... I am darn tired of snow!! Plus, I have a lot of plans this weekend. I hope they won't get canceled. I am going to a concert with friends, and spending the night at my youth group leaders house w/ 2 other 8th grade girls. I'm really excited! It better NOT be canceleled. Also, my class (which meets once a week) got canceled.And i like going, so that's really annoying.

You can pray for a family from our church today. (j did a post about it here). they lost their 7 year old daughter, Karis, a year ago exactly... I CANNOT imagine what they are going through. Pray for peace for her little sister (age 7 now) and parents.Also, you can pray for my mom, because her great-uncle died yesterday. There are only 2 of her aunts and uncles left out of 9.

Anyways, sorry for the depressing post. I hope that you are having a good Friday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

jogging & party 4 dad

I just got back from jogging.

One of my goals for this year is to be able run a 5k.

I've been working on it, and have jogged 3 times this week for a total of 3 miles.

Yes, you're probably thinking thats not very good, but it is for me! I am excited to be doing it.

Maybe it's my new pink and black adidas coat that i got for christmas that's inspiring me. :P

Well, tonight we are having a big party for my dad. He is a nuclear engineer, and just passed a HUGE 2 1/2 hour oral test last week, where up to 4 managers asked him questions that he's learned from over 7 MONTHS! (Can you belive it???)

We are so proud of him!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New year's post

I somehow did not post much about New Year's. Well, it was fabulous! I started off by going to a pro-basketball game with my best friend (by the way, it was so worth the money!) They won, and we had a blast. :P Then, Miriam spent the night. We had such an awesome time! Also, our youth group leader came too. We played scattergories, and wii games. And ate fudge and veggies! haha. Did I ever mention that we got a wii fit for Christmas? well we did and it's super fun!:0 We jumped into the new year, and stayed up till 4 taking pictures and playing wii. It was probably the funnest New Year we've ever had! SOO... that being said it is 2010. wow! I bet I will have hard time writing 2010...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's a great (Lilly P.) give-a-way to start off the New Year. Click HERE

Monday, January 4, 2010

100 random things about me

1. I hate it when people say they miss you when they normally don't talk to you
2. My initials are ACC.
3. I love to play wii fit
4. I would rather swim in the ocean than in a pool.
5. If I had a million dollars, I would go out and buy a couple of lilly dresses and some jack roger sandals
6. I'm pretty shy. Normally, if you're not my friend, I won't talk to you. I am trying to do better about talking to more people (besides my best friends!)
7. I bite my nails. My cuticles are terrible. That's something I want to stop.
8. I love heabands and earrings. They can make any outfit cuter
9. I am starting to like ugg boots, after I had a strong hate for them last year. (HA!)
10. Too much rainy weather makes me depressed. But I do LOVE rainboots! I got a pair of bright green ones for Christmas.
11. I love Bath&Body works after-Christmas sale!
12. Bella is such a sweet, sad movie!
13. I love both snow-skiing, and water-skiing!
14. I love peach-pink lipgloss
15.Winter is NOT anywhere near being my favorite season!
16. I love spring!
17. My fish has lived for 5+ years. Seriously people.
18. Pearls are awesome.
19. My dog embarasses me by jumping on cars and people.
20. I could spend all my money at J.Crew
21. I like going to basketball games, though I hate watching them on tv.
22. We don't have cable.
23. I am not photogenic.
24. I hate it when people brag about their grades. There is a girl in my class who is constantly doing that. COME ON! I dont care what grade you made!
25. This year, I went to my first pro football, basketball, and baseball game. What do you expect with 4 girls in the family?
26. I love looking in the mail box and seeing a letter for me! It totally makes my day!
27. Snail mail is way cooler than email. Too bad not many people do it anymore!
28. Stationary is da bomb!
29. I do not like going to Sunday school, but I love going to Church.
30. I got baptized on mother's day of last year.
31. I do not have a Facebook, although I REALLY want one.
32. I love our iMac computer!
33. I am homeschooled, but I go to classes once a week that give me homework to do the rest of the week.
34. Green bean casserole is yummy!
35. If I eat/drink caffeine at night, I will literally stay up the whole night.
36. I can type pretty fast.
37. I would love to live in Florida for a year.
38. I hate it when I look around the room, (with a lot of people) and I look at someone and they look at you back... I wasn't trying to stare. AWKWARD!
39. Scattergories is the best game ever.
40. I hate neon colors in fashion, multi-colored skinny jeans, and as I call them "lumberjack" plaid shirts.
41. I wear glasses. My vision is terrible without them!
42. I love the beach.
43. I like baking.
44. I get on the computer way too much.
45. I've actually started to not hate math... it's sorta fun sometimes now!
46. I'm a procastinator.
47. GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream is better than the white kind.
48. I love fried okra. yum.
49. eBay is fun!:)
50. If your busy, call me back. It's annoying when your talking to someone and they're talking to someone else in their family. I know I've done it before, but I try to mute it if I say "hold on a second" (HINT HINT!)
51. K&W really stands for "Kanes & Walkers."
52. I hate it when people say something offensive, then add "just kidding," to it. Yea right!
53. Smoothies are great!
54. I love yard-sailing!
55. I love monogrammed things. My mom ordered me a monogrammed necklace for Christmas. (a late present)
56. I would rather drink juice and water than soda.
57. I don't like diet or fat free anything. If I want ice cream, I want the real deal!
58. I love cute pajamas.
59. I wish I were good at sports.
60. I love honey nut cheerios and lucky charms. *not mixed*
61. I think starbucks is over-rated, though I do like some of their drinks.
62. I love our Church! <3
63. It's so awkward when my friends get in a fight with their parents.
64. It's annoying when people are too obsessed with "going green" to the 10th extreme!;) wow that rhymed.
65. Global warming? maybe, but God is in control.
66. Rhythm kungfu on wii fit is so fun!
67. I would rather have a few close friends than a bunch of fake friends.
68. I say y'all a lot.
69. My cat is the most loveable creature ever.
70. I was one hyper kid when I was little. Poor babysitter.. I would hide from them!
71. I love the book tuck everlasting.
72. to Kill a Mockingbird, is one of the greatest books.
73. I love rollercoasters!
74. I use sarcasm probably too much.
75. I struggle with making my bed. Actually, my mom just told me to go do it and it's 9:35 pm.
76. I pretty much just wear eye makeup. Typically, mascara, cream eyeshadow and maybe some LIGHT eyeliner.
77. I'm almost 14 years old.
78. I still don't understand the point of making your bed. Sure, I'll make it if people come over, but otherwise...
79. I stand like a flamingo because its comforterable.
80. I have spent a long time writing this!
81. I hope someone will read some of this!
82. For Christmas, my grandma gave me a visa gift card. I looked and it, and I was just like "this is my lucky day." It said "you choose the amount" and didn't have anything written in the amount line. I thought I could get as much money out of it as I wanted, and I was wondering why no one else was hysterically happy! Well, my grandma just forgot to write the amount. haha!:)
83. I hate walmart.
84. I think Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress!
85. I like boots.
86. I am not a fan of birkenstocks.
87. I don't not like rude cashiers.
88. I am reading the book Johnny Tremain.
89. I need to go to bed pretty soon!
90. We might move this summer...
91. Cake batter ice cream is GOOD! good is actually an understatement...
92. wint-o-greens are addictive.
93. I like puffy vests!:)
94. I do NOT like poodles... uggh I don't even like the word...
95. I want to be able to run a 5k by October.
96. I would so be more motivated if I jogged on the beach. I just love the sound of the waves.
97. Old Navy has gone down hill quality-wise.
98. I do not have nor have to get braces. (Thank God!)
99. This has been fun.
100. I did all this in one sitting!