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Sunday, May 2, 2010

buckhead betties, JAARS, and everything in between! :)

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a Buckhead Betties warehouse sale!! Buckehead betties is a company that sells adorable tote bags, everything monogrammed, and more! I was in heaven there. I ended up buying a green and white beach bag, a black and white striped tote bag with a bright pink "A" on it, some adorable laundry bags for if I go out of town, and a towel wrap that is being monogrammed right now with an pink A. AND it was very cheap! nothing was more than $20!!! If stuff like that would've cost more, I wouldn't have gotten it. But it was so awesome! I wish i could find pictures. :)

Since I have glasses, I can't wear sunglasses. Unless I get prescription ones, which aren't always cute, (and expensive!) I either have to wear none, or wear a hat. I'm thinking about buying one of these-

I think they are very cute! I'm thinking about ordering a light pink with my brown initials or a pink with white. What do you think?

Anyways, Yesterday my sisters, mom and I, went to a place called JAARS. It's a Bible translation place, and their goal is to reach every tribe and translate the Bible into every language! Pretty cool, huh!? We got a tour of the place, and they flew an airplane that they use as a demonstration. We stayed pretty much all day, and a former missionary from Germany came with us! She goes to our Church.

I am out of school! Since I'm home schooled, I get sorta an advantage! :)I just have math and science to do, but I'll go through May with that. Also, we've been doing some end-of-year testing. FUN FUN... (Not so much!)

Last night, I watched the Blind Side. What a great movie! It was soo sweet! It's really remarkable that it is a true story! I thought Sandra Bullock did an amazing job! Well, all the actors and actresses did great!

Well, Im glad i finally posted! :)


Mimi Elise said...

Fun stuff! I love Blind SIde!

Caroline said...


I ADORE Buckhead Betties and I love the things you got

I LOVE the Blind Side

And I love the monogrammed baseball hats. I am thinking I am going to buy one that is light pink with a navy monogram or vice versa.