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Monday, January 4, 2010

100 random things about me

1. I hate it when people say they miss you when they normally don't talk to you
2. My initials are ACC.
3. I love to play wii fit
4. I would rather swim in the ocean than in a pool.
5. If I had a million dollars, I would go out and buy a couple of lilly dresses and some jack roger sandals
6. I'm pretty shy. Normally, if you're not my friend, I won't talk to you. I am trying to do better about talking to more people (besides my best friends!)
7. I bite my nails. My cuticles are terrible. That's something I want to stop.
8. I love heabands and earrings. They can make any outfit cuter
9. I am starting to like ugg boots, after I had a strong hate for them last year. (HA!)
10. Too much rainy weather makes me depressed. But I do LOVE rainboots! I got a pair of bright green ones for Christmas.
11. I love Bath&Body works after-Christmas sale!
12. Bella is such a sweet, sad movie!
13. I love both snow-skiing, and water-skiing!
14. I love peach-pink lipgloss
15.Winter is NOT anywhere near being my favorite season!
16. I love spring!
17. My fish has lived for 5+ years. Seriously people.
18. Pearls are awesome.
19. My dog embarasses me by jumping on cars and people.
20. I could spend all my money at J.Crew
21. I like going to basketball games, though I hate watching them on tv.
22. We don't have cable.
23. I am not photogenic.
24. I hate it when people brag about their grades. There is a girl in my class who is constantly doing that. COME ON! I dont care what grade you made!
25. This year, I went to my first pro football, basketball, and baseball game. What do you expect with 4 girls in the family?
26. I love looking in the mail box and seeing a letter for me! It totally makes my day!
27. Snail mail is way cooler than email. Too bad not many people do it anymore!
28. Stationary is da bomb!
29. I do not like going to Sunday school, but I love going to Church.
30. I got baptized on mother's day of last year.
31. I do not have a Facebook, although I REALLY want one.
32. I love our iMac computer!
33. I am homeschooled, but I go to classes once a week that give me homework to do the rest of the week.
34. Green bean casserole is yummy!
35. If I eat/drink caffeine at night, I will literally stay up the whole night.
36. I can type pretty fast.
37. I would love to live in Florida for a year.
38. I hate it when I look around the room, (with a lot of people) and I look at someone and they look at you back... I wasn't trying to stare. AWKWARD!
39. Scattergories is the best game ever.
40. I hate neon colors in fashion, multi-colored skinny jeans, and as I call them "lumberjack" plaid shirts.
41. I wear glasses. My vision is terrible without them!
42. I love the beach.
43. I like baking.
44. I get on the computer way too much.
45. I've actually started to not hate math... it's sorta fun sometimes now!
46. I'm a procastinator.
47. GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream is better than the white kind.
48. I love fried okra. yum.
49. eBay is fun!:)
50. If your busy, call me back. It's annoying when your talking to someone and they're talking to someone else in their family. I know I've done it before, but I try to mute it if I say "hold on a second" (HINT HINT!)
51. K&W really stands for "Kanes & Walkers."
52. I hate it when people say something offensive, then add "just kidding," to it. Yea right!
53. Smoothies are great!
54. I love yard-sailing!
55. I love monogrammed things. My mom ordered me a monogrammed necklace for Christmas. (a late present)
56. I would rather drink juice and water than soda.
57. I don't like diet or fat free anything. If I want ice cream, I want the real deal!
58. I love cute pajamas.
59. I wish I were good at sports.
60. I love honey nut cheerios and lucky charms. *not mixed*
61. I think starbucks is over-rated, though I do like some of their drinks.
62. I love our Church! <3
63. It's so awkward when my friends get in a fight with their parents.
64. It's annoying when people are too obsessed with "going green" to the 10th extreme!;) wow that rhymed.
65. Global warming? maybe, but God is in control.
66. Rhythm kungfu on wii fit is so fun!
67. I would rather have a few close friends than a bunch of fake friends.
68. I say y'all a lot.
69. My cat is the most loveable creature ever.
70. I was one hyper kid when I was little. Poor babysitter.. I would hide from them!
71. I love the book tuck everlasting.
72. to Kill a Mockingbird, is one of the greatest books.
73. I love rollercoasters!
74. I use sarcasm probably too much.
75. I struggle with making my bed. Actually, my mom just told me to go do it and it's 9:35 pm.
76. I pretty much just wear eye makeup. Typically, mascara, cream eyeshadow and maybe some LIGHT eyeliner.
77. I'm almost 14 years old.
78. I still don't understand the point of making your bed. Sure, I'll make it if people come over, but otherwise...
79. I stand like a flamingo because its comforterable.
80. I have spent a long time writing this!
81. I hope someone will read some of this!
82. For Christmas, my grandma gave me a visa gift card. I looked and it, and I was just like "this is my lucky day." It said "you choose the amount" and didn't have anything written in the amount line. I thought I could get as much money out of it as I wanted, and I was wondering why no one else was hysterically happy! Well, my grandma just forgot to write the amount. haha!:)
83. I hate walmart.
84. I think Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress!
85. I like boots.
86. I am not a fan of birkenstocks.
87. I don't not like rude cashiers.
88. I am reading the book Johnny Tremain.
89. I need to go to bed pretty soon!
90. We might move this summer...
91. Cake batter ice cream is GOOD! good is actually an understatement...
92. wint-o-greens are addictive.
93. I like puffy vests!:)
94. I do NOT like poodles... uggh I don't even like the word...
95. I want to be able to run a 5k by October.
96. I would so be more motivated if I jogged on the beach. I just love the sound of the waves.
97. Old Navy has gone down hill quality-wise.
98. I do not have nor have to get braces. (Thank God!)
99. This has been fun.
100. I did all this in one sitting!

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mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I skimmed through a few... I will keep working on all 100! :)