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Monday, April 12, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Spring is my favorite time of the year. And Easter also happens to be my favorite holiday! Our oriental cherry blossom tree has bloomed in the last week. The grass has gotten to be such a beautiful green. Our yard is filled with pink and green- my favorite colors! Such a change from the cold, gray winter we had this year. Spring is a wonderful time of year... I love all the flowers, and the weather is wonderful! Except the pollen has been terrible where I live! The last couple of days the pollen has been the most it has ever been in a long time! Lately, my allergies have been really bad. Pollen is everywhere! Hopefully, most of it will wash away in the rain. Despite the pollen, I'm very excited about spring clothes shopping! I can't wait to find some cute dresses! Last week, (Easter sunday), I wore a dress. I hadn't worn a dress in a very long time. I love dresses! They are so cute and fun! What gets you excited about spring?

1 comment:

Gracie Beth said...

I am loving the warm weather. Walking sometimes up to a mile to go to class when it was 16 degrees outside was no fun!