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Friday, February 5, 2010


AHH! snow again. It snowed last week. About 8 inches. And now it snowed again about 4... I am darn tired of snow!! Plus, I have a lot of plans this weekend. I hope they won't get canceled. I am going to a concert with friends, and spending the night at my youth group leaders house w/ 2 other 8th grade girls. I'm really excited! It better NOT be canceleled. Also, my class (which meets once a week) got canceled.And i like going, so that's really annoying.

You can pray for a family from our church today. (j did a post about it here). they lost their 7 year old daughter, Karis, a year ago exactly... I CANNOT imagine what they are going through. Pray for peace for her little sister (age 7 now) and parents.Also, you can pray for my mom, because her great-uncle died yesterday. There are only 2 of her aunts and uncles left out of 9.

Anyways, sorry for the depressing post. I hope that you are having a good Friday!

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