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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's, Birthday, Olympics..

Happy Valentine's day! I hope that it was wonderful!

I have been blogging for 1 year! It was one year on Friday, my Birthday.

Maybe when I get to 100 posts (I'm almost there) I'll do a give-a-way!!

I had a great Birthday! The day before, my mom took me out to eat at a really yummy Japanese restaraunt

and then we went to the mall and shopped. I looked at the Lilly Pulitzer sections (and love ALL of it let me tell you) but many of you know that it is very expensive! Especially for a 14 year old

who will probably grow out of very soon. I was about to get the Peacock pants, but I wasn't

sure that I would be confident wearing them. It is an especially loud print... they were on sale though!

I ended up going to lands end and getting these 2 shirts, in pink and white.

I LOVE ruffles! And this is just too cute! Plus, it was a lot

more of a reasonable price! YAY!!

Lauren got me a Lilly Pulitzer journal, which I had been wanting (Thanks sis)
Caroline got me a monogrammed lunch box that will come in the mail soon. Thanks!!:0

My grandma got me some dove dark chocolates (the best!) and some earrings that her mother had when she was little.

She is really good at giving centimental gifts!

As you probably know, (you better know!) the Olympics started also on my B-day. (they did it just for me!!) ha~

I am not that much into regular sports, but there is just something about the Olympics that I absolutely love.

I love cheering for the U.S.A!!

My Favorite event has been the skiing and the ice-skating.

These people are AMAZING! I just don't understand how they can do all that they do!

Anyways, I hope you are having a fantabulous Tuesday! :0

ps. what do you think about my blog makeover?


Mimi Elise said...

so what did your best friend get you? And why didnt you mention!! lol....just kidding abby!! Happy Belated Bday!!!!!

P.S i LOVE your blog makeover!!!

Abby♥ said...

That was the weekend before my birthday! I mentioned it on my newest post! :)