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Monday, March 22, 2010

Gosh, I haven't posted in forever! Well, I can't believe it's nearly April. That is crazy! And Spring is FINALLY here! :) Although today it was cold, dark and dreary. :/ Today was a sad day for our Country. anyways... I just need to remember that God is in control of everything, and that it's all happening for a reason. here's a couple of things that have happened lately since I don't know what else to post about!

-Lauren had a birthday and got her drivers license! It's not only fun for her, but it's fun for me 'cause she can take me places! :)

-I finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird yesterday. It is such a good book! This was actually my second time reading. I love it!

- I got a new violin! I am now a full size! =D

- I have jogged 2 miles WIHOUT stopping! yes, it is a big deal for me!:)

- FLOWERS have bloomed! YAY!:)

- My friend threw me a surpirse birthday party the weekend after my last post!:)

- I have worn shorts twice! I love the warm weather! :)

- I have said so many times during the month of February that I'm moving to Florida! Ha! :) It has been a cold winter!

- I had East Coast wings for the first time... yummy!

well anyways thats just a couple of things... I need to get my dear sleep now! haha!:) Good night!


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Hi Abbs.... I love To Kill A Mockingbird. I wrote a sequel to the book as a project in high school. I also like East Coast Wings. They have good wraps too, and a Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich. I haven't done the whole shorts/sandals thing yet. I am waiting for warm weather to 'stick,' because I wore short sleeves yesterday and was cold all day. I hope you and your family is well.

Natalie said...

Wow, good job on the jogging two miles! I can only jog about 1/8 of a mile! :D

Natalie said...
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