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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday's and what not

Today was a good day. It seemed to last forever, though. In science, we had a lab. It was very interesting, actually. We had a sample of coffee, and we were separating the caffeine from the coffee with hexane. (a chemical solvent- that's okay, i didn't know what it was either.) ha ha- we all had the funny lab coats and the geeky goggles on. It was really funny seeing my show-offy class mates in lab coats and goggles. I should have taken a picture, although camera's aren't allowed and I don't have a handy camera. Darn it! But, Mrs. Crater (our homeroom teacher) saved the day and took a picture. wow. It was of my table. Every one was staring blankly at the camera in their big goggles, with their mouth wide open, and gloved hands up in the air. Just kidding, it wasn't that dramatic, but it was pretty funny. It always amuses me seeing people getting their pictures taken without them knowing it. Although, I am not the most photogenic person ever. I probably looked pretty stupid too, with my glasses underneath my goggles. Double trouble! "Don't mess with me, I'll shove some chemicals in your face." mad scientist. wow.. did i just go out on a bunny trail? :D excuse me, if i did.

Science is probably my favorite class. (Also my hardest class) We are doing physical science, structure of atoms and molecules, organic compounds and all that fun stuff. I like it. It's pretty cool. Lately, we have been working on our science fair projects. They're kinda boring, but interesting enough for school. But, science is hard. Hey, we got a science teacher fresh out of college. Like literally. So it's pretty tough sometimes. But he's really good. Well, anyways I've been on the topic of science for a long time, so I'll ramble about something different. :)

So, As I said before, Wednesday's are very long. Since I go to my church's school, I stay at church all day after school. I do a communicant's bible study with Dee Dee. Communicants is a bible study designed for middleschoolers becoming a member of the church, that meets every Sunday night. It's interesting, and it's not just a fill in the blank bible study. You have to think about it. I've really enjoyed it.

After i do communicants with Dee Dee, i either wander around for the next hour or two, or help in the kitchen preparing for Wednesday night dinner. Today, I helped in the kitchen. Our cook is SO good. We always have something homemade, gourmet and delicious. Tonight we had chicken, rice, salad and ice cream with her awesome homemade fudge sauce. I chopped up the pepper for the salad.:) After dinner, I got to our youth choir with my sisters. Our choir teacher is really amazing. He has so much musical talent. He is awesome on the piano. We are singing "Our God is an Awesome God." We are singing at church in 2 weeks. It's always fun performing.:)

Then after that, we go to youth group, and after that we go home and be tired. It has been a long day. But hooray! school is out tomorrow and on Friday too. I don't know why, but don't question. Just enjoy, right?!! Have a good rest of your Wednesday!


Mimi Elise said...

wow - science sounds like fun!! oh, how did the rest of youth group go? did people say nice stuff?? :P

Natalie said...

Oh, I liked physical science when I did it...lots of fun!