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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas!

~It's begining to look a lot like Christmas~

I am very excited. So excited I have a hard time concentrating on my algebra. HA! We have been frantically going shopping for gifts, and have gotten all our Christmas decorations out. I am looking forward to giving this year! well... and a littlle bit of receiving too. :D I am also excited about my first violin concert tonight. I have always played bymyself (solo) so it'll be fun playing with others.

Here is a fun holiday questionaire i received over email.

We just thought this would be fun to do. :)
First off....1. Name: Abby
2. Age:i I turn 14 in 3 monthsOK, here are the real questions...
3. Favorite Christmas color: tough call… I really don’t know. I like silver and blue…
4. Favorite Christmas song: silent night
5. Favorite Christmas movie: a Charlie brown Christmas… gotta love it
6. Eggnog or hot chocolate? Again… not sure. I really like egg nog but I get really tired of it really fast so I guess hot coco
7. Angel or Star on top of your tree? angel
8. Real or artificial tree? real. love the smell!

9. What is on the top of your Christmas wish list? A digital camera or a wii.

10. Travel or stay at home for Christmas? Well more like going to family 30 minutes away so it really isn’t that much traveling
11. A few big presents or lots of little ones? lots of little things
12. Do you like to open your stocking first or your packages? Packages.

13. What is your most cherished Christmas memory? Swimming at my cousin house in her indoor pool, the tanglewood festival of lights, and eating homemade pizza on Christmas eve with my family, and making candy with Grandma
14. Do you open gifts Christmas Eve or day? dayyy....it wouldnt be christmas if we opened them on christmas eeeevvvvveeee!!
15. What is your favorite toy you received as a child? Probably this “walking” doll. It was a life size doll that broke the day after Christmas. But I still loved it haha

16. Do you like to give or receive (you can't pick both)? Gosh darn I was just going to say both… I like to give. And get. So I’m breaking the rules and saying BOTH! Who came up with this anyway?
17. Christmas Eve tradition? Eat homemade pizza
18. Favorite holiday food? i like alot of foods
19. Have you ever had a white Christmas? idk i think when i was really little
20. Scrooge or Grinch? Grinch. The scrooge scared me so bad when I was little
Hope you have fun filling this out. :) We look forward to seeing your answers.

Sorry i just had to do christmas colors. I know it doesn't really match with my blog, but who cares!

I think it's hard sometimes when we are frantically running around doing errands and getting ready for Christmas, that we forget to stop and think what the REAL meaning of Christmas is. It's not all about the presents (which i sometimes think it is), and it's not all about the food. It's about Christ being born, to save us from our sins! Redemption. I pray that I will not make Christmas being about something other. \



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Gracie Beth said...

Good Luck with algebra and your finals!