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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I went...

WATER-SKIING! Omiword.it.was.a.blast! I LOVE IT! Lauren's friend Zoe came up to see us for a week, and then we went up to Lake Erie with Zoe, and some people that we used to go to church with, and went water-skiing!

These people are amazing at water-skiing, and they did an awesome job of teaching us. It was a cold, dreary, cloudy day, and the water was cold, but we went out there and did it! *Wahoo* It was SOO worth it. I had been wanting to do this for the whole summer... What a blessing!

Last night, we came HOME! HOME... Sweet home. It is soo nice to see friends, and you don't even know how nice it is to have my own bed and have more than 1 bathroom. (all 6 of us had to share a bathroom in our apart.)

Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well because I had that chocolate covered espresso bean... And I had one the night before....(probably not just one!) Now I know my lesson. No more chocolate covered espresso beans at 4:00!

Anyways, I am happy I am home. Lauren is going to Costa-Rica this Saturday!*woot woot*

I will post more about our trip later!



mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Welcome back!

KK said...

That's awesome- congrats! Would you believe that I grew up in South Florida, sailed, boated and never once have I tried water skiing!