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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

art & Father's day

I'm still here! My grandmother came up on Friday, so we have been showing her some sights of the city! Yesterday, we went to a awesome, huge, ginormous art museum. It was so cool! We spent about 3-4 hours looking at the art, and we didn't even see all of it! We took some funny pictures by the modern art (cameras were allowed) and enjoyed everything. I especially liked the works of Claude Monet. The modern art was wack-o! There was one especially weird piece of modern art-- all it was was a white canvas with white strokes and a steel picture frame. I didn't really think of it as art... It even had information up about it. At first, I guessed they had just not put the piece up yet, but I guess not. Strange... I was amazed at some of the ancient pieces that they had! Some dated back to B.C! They did not even have glass or anything over them.I was tempted to touch it just for the record so that I could say I touched a piece of history, but... I used self control and restrained.:)

SUNDAY-- was Father's day! My dad never asks for anything but candy & juice, so we got him a basket filled with what else but candy, juice and fruit (watermelon, strawberries, blueberries) and I got him some pineapple cocanut Haagen Daz. He is always easy to shop for! Anything that's sweet and edible will do for him.:) Happy (late) Father's day, dad, I love you!

Anyways, we are leaving. I have so much more to post about, but this will have to do for now!

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Anonymous said...

DUDE! You are just like me! When we were in Chicago, we went to the Art Institute. My favorite paintings were the Monet ones and I HATED the modern art ones. Some of the moder art was so dark and satanic even, did you see any of that kind? Some modern art is pointless, like that white "painting"/canvas you talked about! :D

Tell Lauren I saw Zoe today at Etc. Consignment!

Miss you guys TONS!
Love ya-