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Monday, June 15, 2009

touring the city

Saturday, we had a touring-the-city day. It was a blast! We went on this tour called "just ducky." It's a sort of bus that goes on land, and in the water! It's called a duck. HOW COOL IS THAT?! It was SO much fun! It's neat to see the view of the city from being on the water...

And-- the sun came out! Hopefully, some more good days at the pool. Also, we have attempted to play tennis. I LIKE IT! I don't like sports much, but I like this. Who would have guessed?

Hopefully, we will go check out the city some more today... Well, I'm off! Hope you have a dazzling- day! :0



Mimi Elise said...

That sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!

BLC :o said...

Oh I have always wanted to take the Philly duck tour with my bff who lives there. What fun!!! Xoxo-BLC