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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I was...

Out of town! I took off of school to go on vacation.... how nice it is to leave school for a week, and have spring break the next! but i have like 5 quizes to make up when i get back... nice.

It was very relaxing. We went to my grandmother's second house for about 6 days, (2 1/2 hours away) in the middle of nowhere. Seriously! She has 150+ acres. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty bad. BUTTT-- we had plenty to do! The place we were had a ton of antique stores, and in one little town they had 12! So part of the trip, we went antique shopping. I found some ADORABLE vintage 1920-1930's Valentines. Caroline and Lauren found a ton of awesome stuff! I didn't bring my money, so I usually don't like borrowing. they find all the stuff! Gosh darn it!:) But anyways, we went to a drugstore downtown and got orangeades. It's a very small, but cool town!

I think the architecture is pretty cooL~! I love the color blue


After a couple of days of canoeing, fishing & antique shopping, we went down to Nags Head, in the outer banks. It was very cold and rainy, so we decided to hit the tanger outlets. You've heard me talk about them before (ski trip). We only went to a couple of places-- Ralph Lauren, Gap, Eddie Bauer... the usual. I only got something in Ralph Lauren. I got a big tote in navy. It's like Carolines.. i don't have a picture of it. It was on sale!!! YESS i am such a sucker for sales. $25... I love it! I've never had such a big tote bag as this before. It's not filled, but I'm proud of myself for fitting as much as i did!:)

When we got back to our motel, we watched Rachel ray and ate shrimp, asparagus and rice for dinner... yummy! We also watched Jon & Kate plus 8. I had heard so much about it, and i watched it. It's not my favorite, but it was OK. The kids were ADORABLE! i don't know how she does it w/ 6 kids the same age and a set of twins though. wow.. poor mom and poor babysitter!
We also watched a old movie called "the bad man" on turner classic movies. It was a western shoot-em-up movie starring Ronald Reagan. I had never seen a movie starring Reagan. Its so funny to think that a old movie star became president! It was a good movie though. The dialogue was hilarious.

We don't have cable, so it's fun to watch it when we go on vacation. Sort of a treat!:) But i think if we did have it, we couldn't get away from it!

I love watching the cooking shows. I usually watch Rachel Ray, because she's the one who's on the most. She talks way too much! She's a good cook though. he he

The next day we walked on the beach. It was COLD! the water was so rough! there was like no room to walk on the beach because it came all the way up! Once or twice it got so rough it came up right where we were and came up to our waists! that made it even colder. it was nice!! (half sarcastically!:) It was a nice experience...?!

But, over all, it was a very nice trip!!It'll be hard to get back into the "groove" though. hehe! have a nice week...


Lauren said...

How come you didn't tell the world about your new ADORABLE haircut? lol!

Abby said...

o idk.. hehe! well world i got straight across bangs. R u happy lauren?!!:)