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Monday, March 2, 2009

SnOw DaY

YES!! It snowed last night... About 3-4 inches. And it's beautiful! I haven't been out very much, but I got some videos, and I'm out of school. It's been a 5 day weekend! Yahoo! I was going to have my friend over, but it didn't work out so that kinda stinks. :( I think the snow is better for making snow forts and snowballs more than sledding. hehe- I've already tried! Anyways, I took a couple of videos and pictures. Note: I have a cold, so I sound pretty nasally.:D Enjoy!

Notice the paw prints in the snow!:)

Isn't the sky lovely? I think it makes a beautiful contrast against the pale white snow. Oohhh pretty!

The snow looks like a blanket, spread neatly across the yard. Its so gorgeous! Unfortunately, It's starting to melt right now... :(

Another video of lucy... isn't she adorable? hehe. she's lovin the snow

My sister made snow cream... YUM!! All it is:

snow, sugar, and vanilla. Very easy and very yummy. You should try it...

Well i hope everyone is having a great day!


Lauren said...

adorable! ♥

Maddie said...

Yes! love the pictures! the snow today is so pretty! I'll have to put up some pics that we took of our snow frolicking adventures!
have a good rest of your 5-day (awesome!) weekend! by the way, how did you have a 5-day weekend, that is amazing..!

Mimi Elise said...

Sorry I couldnt come over!!!

Cool videos! I'm going to post some of us sledding!! it was a blast!

I thought your sisters were sick....

abby said...

that's okay.

yea, caroline's feeling some better, but lauren i don't know.

Natalie said...

Aw, you do sound like you have a cold..but if I didn't know what you sound like normally it could sound like you have a foreign accent. :D

abby said...

I hear a lot that i have a foreign accent. ? :) o well.