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Monday, March 9, 2009


It's already Monday. Man. The weekend went by too fast. Obviously, I've been pretty busy. Last week was very long. I haven't posted in a while. So therefore, (congratulate me!) I am finally posting.

On Friday night, me and my sister went to babysit a homegroup. It went pretty well, but the children were hyper-er than i expected. (is that a word?)

On Saturday morning, we went to get our picture taken for our new church directory. The photo turned out pretty well, for a not-so-photogenic person like me. Me, Lauren and Caroline matched with our polo dresses. I was so exctited to finally wear spring clothes. OOOHH and the weather. It's gorgeous right now, and has been all weekend. LOVIN the 80 degree weather. After the picture "session", we went to subway and ate healthy.:)

This rest of the day, we cleaned and went to a neighbor's house and went on their amazing zip line across their pond. It was so awesome. You can get harnesed in if you want across the pond, but I didn't. I wasn't very smart and dropped IN the pond. I about died. It was soo cold! I was expecting nice warm water like the weather but no. I dropped in about half-way, so I had to swim across the rest while i was freezing. Not to mention that i was thinking about nasty big fish and snakes. .. but i made it, and did it again (but i didn't drop in that time.) It was a nice experiance...:) They also have another zip line, just across the yard. It's really high up, so you have to get harnessed in. It goes about 50 miles per hour they said. I really loved it! I felt like I was flying... Anyways, that was a blast.

My best friend spent the night, and the next day we went up to the mountains. We went up and down 600 steps to get to a waterfall. We were tired. but it was a very cool waterfall. It was very steep, and was like a waterfall that went over a steep mountain. We went rock and hopping, and then went home, and then i went to my communicant's class. (I'm becoming a member of the church- so that's what it is)

That was just a little update on my weekend.

Thank God Monday is (almost!) over! (T.G.M.I.O) (a new one, right??)


Mimi Elise said...

I had a blast at your house Sat. Night! thanks for having me!

Caroline said...

Everything we did on the weekend was FUN!!

Hollie said...

the trip to the waterfall sounds like fun! the 600 steps were totally worth it, right?!

Abby said...

yes it was defintely worth it!