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Friday, September 11, 2009


**Edit post** I am sorry if i was unclear on what i was talking about earlier. I wrote this post on 9/11.

Bad occasion today. 8 years ago, I remember that everything was going wrong, and it was just a horribe day. I remember my parents being upset, and I wasn't quite sure what had happened. Many people lost their lives trying to save people during this horribe event. I was at the world trade center 4 months before the crash. It was scary. I was scared. It was about midnight, and I was only about 5 years old. Thank God I wasn't there 4 months later! What a sad occasion.. God bless America!

Nonetheless, I had a fabulous day! First day of class, and now heading off to the beach for the weekend! Totally spontaneous, and totally awesome! And tomorrow is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you sooo much! I wish you could be home with us!



Mimi Elise said...

Your having a bad day? or you had a bad day?

Anonymous said...

well i was talking about september 11th!:

Abby♥ said...

whoops- I didn't mean for that comment to be under annonymous.