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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

labor day weekend

I had a good, long weekend! My dad came home, so that great! On Saturday, i went to my first football game at wake forest. it was FUN! I didn't watch the actually game very much... instead I just stuffed my face with cotton candy! oooo yaaaa! On Friday, I went to the apple store. It is soo cool! They have computers everywhere, and iPods galore. You can mess with everything. It is ALWAYS crowded in there. We finally got the word document thingy downloaded on our new iMac. It is soo fun to write a paper now~! hehe. I made chocolate chip cookies. We are going to our church picnic tonight. Today is SUCh a depressing day. It seems like it has been on forever. Anyways, hope ur having a good week!


1 comment:

Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like a good weekend! xoxo