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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tuck everlasting & while you were sleeping

Wednesday nights= yay! :) Choir, dinner and youth group. I am happy!!:D

I have seen 2 movies this week. One called while you were sleepig. It's stars Sandra Bullock (she is one of my favorite actresses). It was made in the 90's. (which I don't like the 90's a bit, but I'll stop before I start ranting and raving). It was cute, but very unlikely in real life. here's a trailer-

Also, I finished tuck everlasting. Man it's sad.. but pretty good. The book is a lot better, which is not surprising. This preview is a little cheezy, but the movie was good.

It's about a family who drinks out of a spring and they live forever. Winnie Foster, daughter of the family who owns the woods of Treegap, runs away into the forest and meets a young boy name Jesse tuck. She sees him drinking out of a spring. She tries to get a drink, but they have to kidnap Winnie so she won't know the secret of the spring. They end up falling in love, and Winnie has the choice whether she should drink out of the spring and live forever, or be a regular person, who lives their life, not just a person who will never grow old or die. It is actually a very deep story. (read the book first! ) I saw this on youtube. (they have the full thing downloaded). I could start a whole discussion on this but I don't want to ruin the whole story for you!

I usually watch movies at night during weekdays, so you might have some more random movie reviews like this.:)

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