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Monday, October 12, 2009

fall clothes HELP!

I am seriously in need of some long-sleeved shirts, and some shoes I can wear in the fall/winter. I like boots, but I am very picky about them. I strongly dislike uggs. I wish I liked them, b/c they look really warm and comfy, but I think they look like walking-on-the-moon boots or something of the sort. Okay, I know a lot of ppl like them- but not me! I like loafers... I'm not a big fan of wallubies though. And flats, I like, but they are way too cold! suggestions would be very much appreciated.

And shirts- hate neons. Hate lumber jack plaids. (sorry guys!)
But DO like- ruffle blouses, polo shirts, cable knit sweaters... j.crew-y stuff except I dont' really want to buy stuff from there because it's so $$$ and I will probably grow out of it really soon. (i'm 13 okay!) SOO it would be (very much) appreciated if you gave me some ideas of where to get reasonably priced cute clothes!

Thank you thank you thank you~! As you can see, I'm a very picky 13 year old.
~ Abby


Natalie said...

I was going to suggest Kohls for basic long sleeve shirts and stuff, but the juniors stuff is flimsy, and the misses might all be too big. Try some Sonoma brand stuff though...if you can find an x-small or small it might work. I'm not sure though.

Their stuff is often on sale though. I don't have any other ideas, except for finding things at Goodwill.

Sarah Wyland said...

One of my favorite places to buy simple long sleeve shirts is Old Navy. They're often 2/$15 or something similar. They're great for layering and they have them in both crew neck and v neck. I like to wear one with a fancy scarf or fun jewelry.

Oh, and you can definitely pick up cute scarves at Old Navy for a steal!

As for shoes... I am somewhat in the same quandary. I have a pair of uggs that I wear a lot (they are warm!) but they don't work so well when it's wet out. I'm not big on wearing tennis shoes to anywhere but the gym. Honestly, I'm often the girl wearing flats despite the low temp!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I hope you figure this all out. Uhm, for good prices, try TJ Maxx, Ross, Old Navy, (still thinking...)

I was thinking today that I need a rain coat... and maybe even rain boots. I know rain boots are in style, so that almost makes me not want them. (Would I really wear shoes with crazy designs... or would I wear some that look like fishermen shoes?) However, my shoes, socks, and feet got soaked walking down the sidewalk to help students get off campus and on their way home. I am also not sure where to look for these things either.