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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun run!:)

SO today was the Ardmore 5k. Our church started doing it, and then it's just sorta been a tradition. Over 700 people did the 5k, and about 100 did the fun run (1 mile). Our church raised over $15,000 for a food bank! I did the fun run... It was fun! My shoes came untied (though i double-knotted them) and I had to stop or else I would make my self look stupid and trip! (ha!) But i tried to jog or run most of the time... My dad did the fun run AND the 5k! GO DAD! 4.1 miles... It was FREEZING cold. ahhh!!! I wore my fleece columbia jacket and soffe shorts. It was soooooo coollllllddd! ahhh i'm like cold right now thinking about it. anyway it was really fun! Also, me and my sisters volunteered to cheer ppl on at the intersections. That was fun! I saw a ton of ppl i know, including both of my teachers. (haha)

Yesterday, we went shopping. I finally found a winter coat (yea!) Its brown fleece columbia jacket with light aqua writing, and a light-aqua and brown rain coat-ish thing that you can wear it with or w/o the fleece. It is soo warm! I am happy!:)

I also got some sperries. (well their fakes but they look JUST like them except for the logo). they are very comfortable! I went to some shoe stores but I didn't see many boots i liked... anyways, Thanks for the advice in my previous post!:)


1 comment:

Mimi Elise said...

Yeah, it was SO cold Saturday morning!!! i hope next year we can do the Ardmore 5K 2gether!