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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 facts...

WOW 8 days without blogging! My computer "crashed" for 2 days, and then I just decided to take a little break.
we took care of Annie-Catherine, a little girl that goes to our church for the weekend. She is adorable! We had so much fun playing with her. She's 2 years old about, and is starting to talk more. We had a fun time! And-- my dad came home!! It was soo nice having him back! He had to go back yesterday after church though. :( We will probably spend the summer with him. which i have mixed feelings about, but am happy we are going to be with him!
So I started this random facts thing a week ago. I've been working on it ever since. Please, take some time to read it some of it. I have worked so hard:)

Random facts! Tagged by Miriam
1. I enjoy watching people argue over something that's stupid. It's very amusing. Today in Language arts, some one asked "why isn't the map of the U.S.A turned upside down? I always thought that would be better..." Go figure. Something lame to argue about, but I still had a good time listening to it. :o) PLUS it took up class time! even better...

2. I am not a picky eater when it comes to variety, but am when it comes to how it's cooked, and how it's seasoned. I Love gourmet! i do not care for hot dogs and easy mac. So i guess i am in a way..

3. I can not use a compass. I do not know why, but I am directionally challenged.

4. I love riding my bike at the beach, but not at the mountains! It takes too much work to go up a hill.:)

5. have been watching big sis drive, and decide that I'm excited about driving! (a little scared-- but more excited than when I first saw her drive. I was scared to death!:)

6. I prefer cooking over baking. I have had some clumsy experiences with baking. (Ex. cracking the egg in the trash can and keeping the shell, putting salt instead of sugar... you get the idea!) When I cook (which, occasionally happens) I like to make chicken, HOMEMADE macaroni & cheese ( my grandma's "secret" recipe) and... broccoli. It's easy enough, right? Also, you can mess around with the recipe in cooking, which you can't do as well with baking.

7. I like shopping, but don't love the mall. the mall is fun sometimes, but it's just so big and expensive! I like to shop at Target, Gap, consignment and the Tanger Outlet stores. (sales!!!)

8. I am just learning to read notes in violin. I have played for 5 years by ear, so it's kinda hard to get into reading notes.

9. I am not sporty. A bit. You should see my in P.E *runs from the ball*

10. I Am a big fan of finding nemo. It's so cute though...

11. I love gelato! It is SO amazing! there's this little gelato place downtown called Cafe Gelato. I've been there a couple of times and love it. The flavors are so much flavorful that regular ice cream. AND-- they have less fat than ice cream! I thought it would have more but it actually has less! yay!

12. I do not like clowns... or mimes for that matter. They are secretly out to kill.
(I've read too many mysteries involving clowns...:D)

13. I don't like horses. They're stinky, sweaty and make a big mess. But They're sometimes fun to ride. I DO like cows. They're cute, and munch clover peacefully on the lush hills. (wowa-- listen to those adjectives!) a cow/horse comparison.

14. Obama scares the heck out of me. He is killing babies, which is the most horrid thing.. and he spent 8 billion + dollars his first month of duty. ahhhhhhh.. I am scared to say the least, but we can't do anything about it but pray..

15. I have been eyeing Lilly Pullitzer dresses... they are soo adorable! If i had enough moo-la that's one of the things I would buy. A nice, pink & green original. By Lilly, of course!

16. My music style is varied. I enjoy contemporary christian, alternative, some indie rock to frank sinatra. Anybody have a title i can put on that??

17. In college, I would like to do something with fashion, but would be afraid I'd become to materialistic. I have a problem with that.

18. When I paint my fingernails, they come out globby and terrible. I don't know how they do it in salons-- plus, I always pick the nail polish off. I cannot go a day without picking off my nail polish. Another bad habit of mine...

19. I had my tonsils out last summer. Actually, it was pretty nice. 2 weeks of pudding, ice cream, and movies. My throat hurt pretty bad though. I was soo happy to be able to eat REAL food
after that.

20. When I was little, I had a lemonade stand with my sisters. We sold cheerios by the handful and lemonade. ha~ we sure didn't have any customers! My sisters and our ideas...(that's 2 links)

21. I love to go yard-saling! I have found so much awesome stuff from yardsales.

22. Going to church is the hilight of my week. I look forward to it so much!

23. I went to N.Y.C 3 months before the crash. I also went to the top of the twin towers at midnight. Also, my dad (who is not afraid of heights) was very uneasy about going up. Ironic, eh? what a blessing that we weren't there 3 months later...

24. I was homeschooled all the way up except till this year. I have finally gotten used to getting up early.

25. I love spinach! It is good in pasta, as a dip, in salad, pizza..

26. Currently, I've been wearing a lot of pink, navy, green and black. Those are like my favorite colors!

27. I like Polo Ralph Lauren.

28. My math teacher wears THE cutest clothes... UGGHH they are so stinkin cute!

29. This year, I have been obsessed with zebra print. lets see-- zebra print scarf, coat, watch, notebook, shoes ...

30. Black is great to accesorize with.

31. I spend too much money at the vending machine. Today, I was at school all day so I bought a soda, cheetos, and sour skittles. I usually don't drink soda, but was soo thirsty after P.E. That doens't sound like that terribly much, but it adds up. Ka ching ka ching$$$

32. Chick-fil-a is the best fast food.

33. Math is hard.

34. People are often confusing.

35. cheesecake is delicious

36. I'm getting tired of this!:)

37. I have many 'dream jobs'- professional violinist, marine bioligist, something having to do with fashion... I keep on changing my mind! But hey i have a while to decide im just in middle school

38. Wednesday's are the best days of the week.

39. seashells are fascinating

40. I hope i don' t have to get braces...

41. My uncle is my dentist!:)

42. I like alligators. (from afar!) When we got to Hilton Head, we usually see them. They're kinda cool and mysterious, and give you the shivers. But i am scared of them up close, of course! I'm no crocodile hunter

43. I have a whole collection of polly-pockets that I haven't gotten rid of.

44. I am very hot natured. I have to have a ceiling fan on year-round in my bedroom so I'll go to sleep. Also, I like the sound of the fan. It's soothing.

45. I have started to like cake more than I have before.

46. My fish is 5 years old.. serious I'm tired of him! All he does is swim around and he's not supposed to live this long! this wasn't the deal i was in for! :D

47. I am reading Pride and Prejudice.

48. Out of all the super hero movies, ironman is my favorite!

49. I do not like Hardees or burger king. Heard too many stories!

50. I love big chunky rings

51. I LOVE garlic. It makes everything taste good! (well, most everything!)

52. skittles are kinda nasty unless they are sour skittles

53. Kit-kat's are delicious

54. I recently ate fermented apple sauce and thought it was good... *cough* *cough*

55. without color, life would be so boring

56. I've always thought about what it would be like to be an ocean animal or a mermaid who lived at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe finding nemo has inspired that thought...

57. A lot of people think I have an accent. some people have said southern, and some people have said northern. Im a bit confused.

58. The word "forever" awes me. To think that we will be in heaven with God FOREVER is so amazing to think about... FOREVER!! forever forever...

59. I love to hear people talk in accents.. Especially french. Some french high school students came to my class, and i loved just listening to them talk.

60. America is going down hill.. People's morals are terrible, crime has been more frequent, more people with outjobs, obesity,... Sadly, it is not the country it once was.

61. I used to have a pet duck. name goldie.

62. we have an old fashioned phone, where you have to turn the little wheel to dial. It's fun!:D

63. skiing is my favorite thing to do in the winter. It's a blast!!!!!!

64. I love smoothies...

65. I have tried to put hilights in my hair by squeezing lemon juice on it, and sitting out in the sun, but since my hair is so dark it didn't work.:(

66. I have never been out of the country

67. I like to jam to oldies. hehe!

68. I love monogrammed anything

69. I love spicy/sour candy. Especially fire balls

70. I remember the directions by NeverEatSoggyWaffles. (North, east, south, west!)

71. I have never read or watched Twilight. i don't understand what's so special about vampires, . And i don't see why every thinks that Edward Cullin in the movie is hot... he is so not! he's ugly. but that's my opinon.

72. One of my pet peeves is people whispering. Why don't you just say it aloud or not say it all?

73. I love a good ol' country dinner. :) grandma's country style steak, rice, gravy, okra... yum!

74. real girls wear pearls

75. I love jewelry

76. I have been working on this post all week!:)

77. I am excited about Jesus coming back, but I want to be a mom, and a grandmother before. I'm selfish.

78. Whenever i babysit, I make the kids use manners. As long as they're with me, they WILL say please and thankyou. not gimme gimme

79. Yoplait yogurt is yummy!:) I really like the keylime pie

80. I love singing in the rain! And old musicals.

81. Audrey hepburn is awesome! Her movies are so cute

82. jellybeans give me a headache

83. the weather is really nice, but REALLy hot! well hot to me is over 85.

84. I really hope to go on a short-term missions trip somewhere down the road. My sister is going to Costa Rica this summer, so I'd like to do something like that.

85. We just sung "Lean on me" in choir yesterday at church. our choir is pretty good, but It was kind of distracting because every starting clapping and smiling cheesily. I felt like laughing because when you're up there, you can see the whole congregation! haha

86. I have today (monday) off of school~ yahoo~

87. I just saw Marley and Me. Cute movie but I seriously do not think it should have been PG. There were some suggestive scenes, especially for PG. Movie ratings have gotten more liberal

88. I cry in movies. I cried in Marley and Me.

89. whew! 11 more to go

90. making my bed is always a struggle for me

91. I had a kitten name Onyx. It was a solid black kitten, and it was really cute ! we had to give them away though, because we had 6 cats

92. we had 8 bunny rabbits at one point. I was a little tot back then.

93. We used to live at the beach.

94. ballet flats and flip-flops are what I wear every day. Hey they're comfty and cute!

95. I have a whole list of my favorite names... They are very unusual names. I'll give you a couple...
Girl names- Jade, Olive, Delta, Eden, claire, roselyn
Boy name- Sebastian. (I have a list but i can't remember anymore!)

96. I hate it when people talk in chat talk. like LOL or BRB. It's fine on computer, but not for talking!

97. my bedroom colors are yellow on the top- black stripe in the middle- teal on the bottom, with teal and yellow floral pillows and a black bedspread. I really like it! My sweet dad painted it for us while I went to the beach with my mom and friend.

98. I love stationary

99. what every happened to manners? A lost art...

100. Praise God i"m done with this!~

I tag whoever wants to do it...

aCc Abby C.


Millie said...

haha thats cool!!!!

Mimi Elise said...

wow! thats amazing that you did 100 things! i could never do that many! (yup im that boring)