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Sunday, April 5, 2009

palm sunday!!

Happy Palm sunday! It's a couple more days till Easter-- one of the best holidays! The service at church was great.

I am SOO THANKFUL for this holiday! without Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, and without a Savior, we would be nothing. Just sad people, on the verge of sadness for eternity. But-We know where we're going, and it's SOO comforting. I hope you will really think about this wonderful holiday- really embrace it, and think about it. It's not all about the easter bunny and cadbury eggs. (But I am a sucker for cadbury eggs!:)

Jesus is risen!



Caroline said...

Thats so true abby! very well said.

Mimi Elise said...

are you going to the service on Thursday? Maundy Thursday?

alyssa said...

hope you had a nice easter!