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Thursday, May 14, 2009

weekend back-up and tired thursday's

I just realized that I never posted about my weekend. LAST weekend. Wow I'm behind..

The shakesphere play- I know I mentioned me playing my violin in it, but I don't never if i told much about it. well it was so much fun! Anually, my school has a huge play, which we work on throughout the year. This year, our play was "As you like it."

I played the part of a lady-in-waiting. I had a fairly small speaking part. At least I had something, right? And at least I got to put on a costume, and makeup. I had a blast though. I guess the excitement of it all was mainly why.

After the play, we went to some friend's house, watched "What about Bob" (weirdly funny movie-- soo totally 80's though!) And then went to pick up my dad at the air port. It was about 11:30 when we got there. It was soo good to see him!

The next day we went to the celtic festival. Very intersting. There was-- let's just say a very WIDE variety of different types of people. It was a little bit disturbing. A lot of goths with spiked chocker necklaces, pink hair, and kilts. And many hippies. All in kilts. *cringe* the music and icecream was good though!:)

That night we went out to eat for greek food. It was delicious! aww man it was good. Greek is like my new favorite cuisine now!

Sunday was Mother's Day! we made my mom lunch, got her roses and cards, and went for a Sunday afternoon jog. I was training for running the mile. Right after that, my dad had to leave. :( I was really sad...

Anyways, we had a good weekend. Forgive me for not posting about it.

Yesterday, we had to run the mile in P.E. Omigoodness... it makes me more tired than I already am just thinking about it. After school, I hung out with Dee Dee, went to Borders and looked at funny books. Then came back for a church picnic. Wednesday's are officially over.:( mannn what am I going to do on Wednesday's any more?

Today nothing eventful has happend. I am sooo tired. I think I might go take a nap... Yea that would be nice. Sorry for an unusually long post!



Natalie said...

Oh good job on the running a mile, Abby! I could NOT do that. :P

Hehe...you have a problem with kilts? :D

Abby said...

Thank you! i mainly jogged.

hmmm.. Natalie, in answer to your question, if the people are real irish then I don't mind. But yes, I don't like seeing men in skirts, if they're just wearing them for "fun". They are cute for girls. does that make sense? I said that wrong in my post.

Natalie said...

I think kilts are mostly Scottish...but anyway...yeah, I get it what you're saying.

I don't like men wearing real skirt skirts, and while I find kilts to be slightly odd, I don't have any problem with them...I don't really mind whether the guys are of Celtic heritage or not. :D lol

Wow...random debate question. :D

Mimi Elise said...

good job on running abby! good job in the play! *clap* hehe