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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday, I had field day at school, which is where the whole entire school (K-8th) goes out on the field, and divides up in teams. We do a ton of different games and relays, and make up cheers and all. It was fun!:) We also had a half day, and so me, my mom, and sisters went to the farmer's market for some fresh veggies, and out for lunch.

Then we went shopping. We went to this cute little shop downtown called the Snob Shop. (Funny name, I know!) I couldn't find anything for a while, but I finally got sucess! I found a white sleeveless lily polo shirt, (for a lot cheaper than normal price!:) and some giraffe print shorts. I was very happy~! I haven't been able to find clothes in a while, (that I like) so I was blessed!

We have done a lot today! My dad came home last night! It was so good to see him! Today, we went to pick strawberries, since the weather was so nice. We picked about 4 gallons. Yum! I love strawberries, and they're healthy. And, I've heard they help whiten teeth! (I don't know if that's true or not-- anybody know?)

Than, we went home, changed clothes, and went to meet my grandmother for lunch. We went out sorta in the middle of nowhere, in Amish county.There is this store run by some Amish people called "Shiloh General store and deli". It's a very neat store, and we got some delicious sandwhiches. They make THE best bread! It's a very cool atmosphere. It's not every day you see a horse and buggy drive by! Outside of the store, they had a box with free kittens inside. They were sooo cute! I wanted one (kinda) but not right now, since we are trying to move.

We also went to OldNavy in the mall. They were having their $1 for flipflops sale. Unfortunately, it was really picked over and there wasn't at all much left. O well!

Maybe I'll post some pictures later of the day... Have a great long weekend, and Happy Memorial day!


1 comment:

Chloe said...

oooh I used to love having field days at school!

those shorts sound cute- love the print!